Adomni Content" means all Content that Adomni makes available through the Site, Application, Services, or its related promotional campaigns and official social media channels, including any Content licensed from a third party, but excluding User Content.

"Ad Play" is the smallest unit of measurement for a time period that a digital advertisement is shown once on a digital billboard. The general duration of an ad play is 6, 7, 8 or 10 seconds and the typical frequency that a single ad play is displayed is once per minute. The frequency of display is affected by three other factors - the dwell time of the ad play, the number of other slots and the occupancy percent of the other slots.
"Advertiser" means a User who reserves from a Billboard Owner ad plays via the Site, Application or Services.
"Billboard Owner" means a User who makes available one or more slots on one or more Digital Billboard via the Site, Application and Services.
"Collective Content" means User Content and Adomni Content.
"Content" means a user-provided image or video.
"Content Group" means a collection of one or more pieces of content used for organizing together similar pieces of content.
"Dwell Time" means the amount of time an advertisement stays on the screen before the next advertisement appears.
"Impressions" are the number of unique people that travel past a billboard in a given time period (usually measured in days or weeks).
"Overplay" is additional free ad time provided when a board is not fully booked or reserved. Overplay is shared equally amongst all advertisers on the board. 
"Reservation" is Adomni’s term for an order that may contain one or more unique schedules.
"Schedule" means the complete duration that an advertiser reserves one or more slots on a specific billboard.
"Slots" the number of unique advertisement positions that would appear in a single billboard loop.
"User" means a person who completes Adomni’s account registration process, including but not limited to Advertisers and Billboard Owners.
"User Content" means all Content that a User posts, uploads, publishes, submits, transmits, or includes in their Reservation, User profile or Adomni promotional campaign to be made available through the Site, Application or Services.