Content design tips

Download the Content Design Tips in PDF

This document was created to aid Advertisers in designing digital billboard content that is visually captivating and effective in delivering a clear message. 

We recommend following these five important best practices when creating advertisement artwork:

  1. Less is more.
      1. Example of good, simple, bold content
        1. Example of bad, overloaded/busy content
  2. Properly sized, prioritized content.
      1. Example of properly sized, prioritized content
        1. Example of poorly weighted design elements
  3. Choose fonts that are easy to read, sized large enough to read from a distance and avoid using too many UPPERCASE words.
      1. Example of easy to read text. Adomni Ad
  4. Choose colors that translate an emotional response that is in-line with your content.
  5. Ensure that your colors have good contrast.
          1. Example of good contrasting colors
            1. Example of insufficient contrast
            2. Avoid white backgrounds and pastels